Oral Care   •   December 17, 2020

Why Is A Dentist Near Me Important?

You must have heard about the importance of visiting a dental clinic on a regular basis to ensure the well-being of your dental health. The dental clinic you choose should be nearby as dental emergencies don’t arise after knocking on your door. The rise in demand for dental assistance has increased the number of service […]

Dental Implant, Tooth Replacement   •   November 20, 2020

Enhance The Way You Smile With Implant Dentistry!

You can consider Implants as artificial tooth roots. They are titanium cylinders which look like the shape of screws that are surgically positioned into your jawbone where there are missing teeth below the gums. As Implants are made up of Titanium, which are biocompatible, so you need worry about any allergic reactions. The Implants turn […]

Sedation Dentistry   •   October 16, 2020

Get relief from pain with Sedation Dentistry!

Sedation Dentistry mainly aims at helping patients to ease out during the dental procedures. It may be sometimes termed as “sleep dentistry,” even though it’s not entirely correct. Patients are basically awake except those who are under anesthesia.    Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry The following are the types of sedation that are used in dentistry: […]

Blog   •   February 19, 2020

Raise Your Dental IQ: 10 Tidbits About Your Teeth

Here are 10 cool dental facts to help you wow your friends and family! You use your teeth to bite, chew, and maybe even engage in some ill-advised package opening. (Tsk, tsk.) Unless a tooth is bothering you, you probably don’t give them a second thought. But there is so much more to your chompers. […]

Blog   •   January 17, 2020

What Does “Deep Bite” Mean and How is it Corrected?

You may have heard your orthodontist mention a deep bite. What exactly does this mean and how can it be fixed? The first visit to an orthodontist can often begin because a patient has crooked or crowded teeth. During their exam, they may hear their dentist mention what is called a deep bite. A deep […]