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How to Prevent Dry Socket ? | Dentist 23113

Alveolar osteitis, more commonly known as dry socket, is a temporary complication that can occur following a tooth extraction. Fortunately, it is rare, preventable, and short-lived. Here are some tips to help avoid dry socket after oral surgery and ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.   Midlothian, VA 23113 Dentist   What is Dry Socket? […]

Stained Teeth | Midlothian Dentist

Many people want a smile they can be proud of and one way to achieve a dazzling smile is to have pearly white teeth. However, in order to maintain a bright smile, the dentist says you should be mindful of the types of things you consume. Because of certain factors, some foods or beverages can […]

Oral Care   •   January 20, 2021

Why Teeth Grinding Is Bad For Your Health?

  Teeth Grinding or Bruxism is a situation, in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth. You may unknowingly clench your teeth when you’re awake or grind them while asleep. However, mild bruxism may not need treatment. When teeth grinding occurs more often, your teeth can be damaged and oral complications can spring up. Who is at risk […]

Oral Care   •   December 17, 2020

Why Is A Dentist Near Me Important?

You must have heard about the importance of visiting a dental clinic on a regular basis to ensure the well-being of your dental health. The dental clinic you choose should be nearby as dental emergencies don’t arise after knocking on your door. The rise in demand for dental assistance has increased the number of service […]

Dental Implant, Tooth Replacement   •   November 20, 2020

Enhance The Way You Smile With Implant Dentistry!

You can consider Implants as artificial tooth roots. They are titanium cylinders which look like the shape of screws that are surgically positioned into your jawbone where there are missing teeth below the gums. As Implants are made up of Titanium, which are biocompatible, so you need worry about any allergic reactions. The Implants turn […]