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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants In Midlothian, VA

Implant-supported dentistry is a long lasting choice for those who need to replace one of more their teeth. Implants are the closest you can get to real teeth, as they are placed in the bone and provide you with the exact functionally and strength of natural teeth.

Modern porcelain crowns that are placed on the implants look so natural that in most cases it's not possible to tell that the teeth aren't natural. Implants are the perfect choice for patients who miss one of more teeth and don't want to deal with the hassle of dentures.

If you opt for dental implants in Midlothian, VA, you can regain your sense of confidence and you'll be able to smile from all your heart once again.

Dr. John Han employs the best technology available to return your smile to its original look. If you're a suitable candidate for implants, Dr. John Han will plan your restorative case carefully. From digital x-rays to 3D mapping, nothing is left to chance so the procedure results in a beautiful smile and years of natural function.

Implant Surgery

You don't have to worry about the implant placement procedure — many patients are actually surprised that it's easier than anticipated. Dr. John Han will discuss the options you have for sedation so you can feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Dr. John Han makes a tiny hole that provides a path for threading an implant cylinder into place. The implant is sterile and settles into a precise location. The doctor will then place a smooth cover to protect the implant throughout the healing period.

A temporary crown may be inserted during the surgery as well so you don't have to worry about your smile looking awkward for the 3-6 months it takes for the implants to integrate into the jaw.

Implant Restoration

After the healing period, Dr. John Han attaches crown s of bridges to the implants with dental cement or small screws. The crowns are custom made to match the look of your teeth, so it won't be possible to tell you have implants.

When it comes to implant restoration, Dr. John Han creates a custom plan to make sure everything from the initial assessment to final placement is the right approach for your particular case.

Dental Implant Costs

The cost of dental implants is an important factor to consider before deciding whether this procedure it the right one for you. Implants have numerous benefits, but they are also more expensive than other dental treatments.

The good news is that implants offer one of the best values in modern health care. Most services are typically more cost-effective than the replacement of other hard structures and joints of the body. Moreover, you can carry on with your normal activities right away.

The cost of implant services varies according to factors that are unique to each patient. Dr. John Han customizes the treatment plan after analyzing the best course of action for each patient.

Dental Implants FAQ

How long does the surgery take?

This typically depends on the complexity of the case, but you can generally expect a single implant to be placed in approximately one hour. Some of the factors that influence the length of the surgery include any work required on your gums or bone grafting.

How long do implants last?

Implants are very similar to natural teeth, so with proper care, they should last for many years. Most implants still perform fine after 25 years, so they're a long-term treatment option.

What maintenance is required with implants?

Regular check-ups and a good daily hygiene are essential for implants in order to prolong their life. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and regular check-up appointments with your dentist will keep your implants healthy.

What if I don't have enough bone?

The quality and quantity of the bone is key to successful implants. Sometimes, Dr. John Han will have to provide a replacement for a deficiency of bone. This can typically be carried out at the same time as implant placement. It generally takes the form of an augmentation around the neck of the implant.

If you're thinking about getting a makeover for your smile that includes dental implants, contact Dr. John Han to schedule an appointment.

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